Be Honest With Yourself & Do Your Homework

When considering building a new home or renovating your existing home, it is important to be honest with yourself and do your homework.

There are many builders and renovators out there, but not all are created equal.  They offer different products and services, just like any industry, and knowing what product and service you are looking for is very important.  Most of us know it is not possible to get the best quality for the lowest price, but in practice, that is what we all try to achieve, or at least most of us do.  We should not kid ourselves, this is not going to happen.  If we are looking for the best quality or the best service, that comes at a price.  The challenge is to realize that you are not going to get a premium product or service for the lowest price.  This is no different than expecting to pay the same price for a “Ford Focus” as a “BMW 5 Series”.  That is not to say that the Ford Focus is not a good product or will not fit some people’s needs, but if a consumer is looking for high performance, German engineering, they are likely going to be disappointed with the Focus.

The important thing to keep in mind here is to be honest with yourself and figure out what your real needs and wants are.  Once you have done this, find a Builder/Renovator who is going to be able to deliver on that.  Find one that offers whatever level of product and service you want, who also provides good value.  Do your homework and pick two or three to interview. Speak with their previous customers and ask them pointed questions.  Explore how those companies operate, and make sure they are going to be a good fit for you.  Most of all, make sure that what they are telling you for product vs. price is realistic and reasonable.  If they are telling you they can provide the BMW 5 Series for the Ford Focus price, there is something wrong.

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Dan Hill

Dan Hill is an Electrical and Computer Engineer who grew up around his father, Brian's construction company. He later took over the company and has led it in the direction of building "High Performance Homes" which are built to high energy efficiency and quality standards. He loves building and figuring out what makes anything and everything tick.

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